What is an IME Number?

Immigration Medical Exam Number is an 8-digit number that identifies your examination file. If you have filed an application to IRCC, this number can be found on the Medical Report Client Bio-data and Summary report issued to you by IRCC, accompanied by a barcode. You will not have this number if you are under “express entry” or other categories that require an “upfront” medical examination.

What are UCI and UMI Numbers?

  • UCI – Unique Client Identification number can be found on a visitor, work and student permit issued by IRCC.
  • UMI – Upfront Medical Identification Number is an 8-digit number that identifies your examination file. It can be found on upfront medical document issued by the panel
    physician’s office after your visit.

Do I have to pay if I am a Refugee Claimant?

No. Your IME and test costs should be covered by Medavie Blue Cross if you have coverage and a valid IFH Refugee Claimant document or paper. Remember this exam is covered once in a lifetime.

If you have had the medical done first time when you just arrived in Canada and you need to undergo for the exam again? You are going to pay this time.

It does not effect you day-to-day coverage with Blue cross.

Please note: We do not book refugee appointments over the phone.


Can I eat before my appointment?

Yes, you are allowed to eat before your appointment. You are not required to do the examination fasted.

How long will it take to complete the examination and tests?

  • It will take approximately 90 minutes to complete the pre-exam and exam including blood tests.
  • Approximately half an hour for the X-ray.

Do I recieve documented proof of my examination?

Yes. Upon completing your examination in our office, we will provide you with a document which includes:

  • Your Photo
  • E-Medical I.D.
  • Proof Of Medical Exam

This is an important document for applicants doing an upfront medical examination, as you must submit this to the VISA office along with your application.

We strongly recommend that you may make a few copies and keep the original in a safe place along with your other documents.

When traveling abroad, you must carry a copy of this document.

Please note: This does not include a copy of your Blood Reports.

How do I book an appointment?

You can also submit an appointment request form on our webstie. We do not book same day appointments. The following is information is required to book the appointment:

  • Name
  • Contact Info (Phone +E-mail)
  • Best time of day to contact
  • Prefered time of appointment
  • Number of Applicants
  • Applicant Category:
    • Sponsor
    • Student
    • Worker
    • Visitor
    • Refugee
  • IME Number: Must be provided with category.
  • Reason for Visit/Concerns/Questions

Please Note: Our turnaround time for requests is 48-72 hours.

For urgent appointments please contact our office directly.

I’m pregnant, can I defer the Chest X-ray?

  • Yes, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure the X-ray is completed within a week or two after the baby is born and notify our office via email when it is done.
  • You may wish to provide your VISA office with the copy of the pregnancy deferral document so they are aware of the deferral.
  • The client who is pregnant and do not wish to go for the X-ray needs to do this form, in order to complete deferrel you need to bring a passport size photo.
  • if you are pregnant and would like to proceed with X-ray, you dont need to bring a photo, the office will provide you a copy of the consent that you are going to complete the X-ray immediately

How long is the exam valid for?

Your medical exam and the test results are valid for 12 months only.

You may need to undergo another examination if your application is not completed within the time given or the status of the application is changed.

When will my medical results be submitted to the IRCC?

All medical results will be submitted electronically to IRCC.

The process takes between 5-7 business days after completion of the required examinations and tests.

Who makes the final decision on the medical exam?

The panel physician plays an important role in the immigration process does not make the final decision regarding your medical exam.
Final decisions are made by the IRCC and Government of Canada. If there is a problem or need to further investigate, your VISA office will contact you in writing.

Where can I find the status of my application?

If you have questions about the status of your application please call the IRCC Client Centre at 1-888-242-2100 (In Canada Only). You can also visit the IRCC website for more up to date information: www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/medical/medexams-perm.asp

How do I know that I have a confirmed appoinment?

Our office will provide you with a 10 Digit Confirmation Number to ensure your appointment via email.

What is a furtherance?

Once the health case is submitted to IRCC, your case will be assessed for the final decision, if further investigation is required you will be sent instructions to contact the office where your medical was done at first.

If your medical was done within GTA(Greater Toronto Area) for the first time, we strongly recommend that you must go back to the same office where you had your Medical Examination completed at first.

Please note that we will not accept any furtherance who have had the medical done within GTA.

To all of our returning patients if you have received a communication from IRCC, please forward us your letter via email and have us call you back with your case details and confirm the appointment.

Do I recieve a copy of my blood test reports?

No. All medical reports and X-rays for the medical exam become the property of the IRCC and the clinic.

Should you wish to have a copy of your complete medical exam, please contact our office. Additional service charges apply.